Monday, January 6, 2014

Utah Names Part 2

I know it's been a while since I posted.  The last few months were pretty hard for me/us.  Living in tight quarters with the parents, not having my own space, stressing about the house, being locked inside from the below-freezing temperatures.  There just weren't a whole lot of fun things to talk about.

We have now settled into our new house.  Boxes are everywhere but it's so wonderful to have our own space!!  We are getting into a new routine... finding grocery stores and learning our way around.  The kids also started preschool today which was great.  Not just for me, but for the two oldest who got to go and play and socialize with people their own age.

Today T came home with a paper listing the kids in his class, and I just had to laugh!  The names of some of these kids are so Utah.  I had to ask him on a couple if they were a boy or a girl.  So here's some new names from his class and others I have come across lately.  Tell me, what's your favorite?

Atalie (Like Natalie, without the N)
Haggan (A boy)
Dakoda (Not to be confused with Dakota)
Siena (Perhaps after their car?)
Kameron/Camryn/Cameron (take your pick!)

Wow.  I'm exhausted.  Time to go unpack some more boxes.  I promise to get some pictures up of the new house at some point.


  1. So great to hear from you again, and congratulations no the house. I can't wait to see pictures and I'm so happy for you guys. Okay, I've had this post sitting in my inbox and I just finally got a few minutes to sit down and read it -- and it made my night. Since I work in an elementary school, I hear a lot of names, but ALL these (except Cameron) are brand new to me. I cannot even pick a favorite, but all I'm saying is that I REALLY want Diesel and Thunder to be best friends. I just want to hear the teacher say, "Diesel and Thunder, please use your inside voices" or something like that. McKai and McCall will have to be best friends, too, just because.

  2. You couldn't make up a better list of names if you tried. There are some real gems in here!